The Story

Shift happened. Chaos reigns. The Earth is off its axis.

As the world wobbles out of control, the one with the power to save it is stymied, by the villains, in a tangle of webs that stretch around the globe. It will take an amazing team to unleash her. The call is out for 100,000,000 humans to activate their superpowers now.

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The Game

The object of the game is to play your Q*Z, collect your clues, and post your results.

The goal of the game is to activate your superpowers and complete the seven quests.

What are Q*Z?

Q*z are decks of digital cards that ask a question, tell a story or present a quest.

Q*z are dealt in short rounds through deck links and the Q*zing compass, a mobile gadget that connects you to the game.

How can I play?

Q*zing is played by invitation. An invitation may come from a friend or family member, a coach, mentor, school or social network.

  1. Sign up. Confirm via email.
  2. Choose a player name and password. Look for an Invitation to play.
  3. Open it and click on the Q*Z deck to login and play the cards.

Who is it for?

For kids on the edge… of greatness.

It’s a mobile card game of self-determination
A key component of social media training.

For anyone with the curiosity to play… with the idea that what you love matters.

It’s light-hearted diversion.
A way to spark the life you want, moments at a time.

What's our story?

Diamondtime LLC was born in 2010 as a response to some ideas about the power of language and personal intention, and the effects of repetitive play. It turned into a seven-year exploration and continues on…

The early years…

What we’ve learned so far is that when Diamondtime* happens, our biggest dreams speak up in everyday language, to produce action, and come to life. It’s the dimension in which our greatest potential plays. It plays with the idea that words have power, and what you love matters.

Our team quest is to make Diamondtime* accessible to as many players as possible. Toward that goal, we’ve created Q*zing, a social-creative card game that plays on mobile devices.

The purpose of the game is to bring clarity to what matters to you, and provide a simple way to focus to it, moments at a time, in everyday life. From a wildly optimistic 'we can change the world' perspective, Q*zing is a way to play with our dreams. And in a simple, quite magical way, help bring them to life.

From a practical, how can we contribute to global education, our focus is self-literacy. Q*zing offers a point of personal focus and a ring of team support — to clarify goals and practice the language needed to achieve them.

The secret is. It only works if you play.

Thanks for Playing…

Call for Coaches

If you are a coach of kids on the edge of greatness, and interested in using Q*zing as part of your game plan, please contact .


May the work and play honor my grandmothers for their courage and understanding, and great patience, and my mother, for her compassion and clever persistence toward a dream. Which I didn’t always welcome. And I didn’t always like it, when she said…

"You can do anything you put your mind to…"

That, of course, is part of a much earlier story.

What time is it now?

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