About Us

Our mission:
engage in the global education challenge; be part of the solution.
The quest:
A tool for Individualized learning and collective expression
Our offering:
Diamondtime* An intentional language game
It's a game for people who love to play on winning teams. The object of the game is to make something happen in real life. Tap into a power-sphere and define your quest. Then play your cards. Activate the ideas and basic vocabulary in super-short play sessions. More.

My Q* ...one's personal playlist.

Q*Create is the process for creating new content and getting ideas into the Q*. The basic building block is the q*card, which carries a single idea in pictures, voice, and a small amount of text. Q*cardz are connected into decks, and decks connected to other decks. It's a way to customize the experience (for yourself and others) and create what comes next. Work independently or be on a creative team. More.

Q*Munity is a database of creative content and connections to the teams expanding it. It's a way for beginners and experts to meet and for teams to compete. In each power-sphere, the goal is a shared understanding of words and ideas fundamental to real-world quests. We're looking for the people who know and care a lot about power-sphere to be the community wizards.

The Invitation:
Tap into your aliveness and practice the language it takes to be in.
PLAY. CREATE. TEAM UP. Sign up now to be a Diamondtime* player.