Create a Vision & Step Toward It!

A tool for personal learning with the power of team support.

  • Play: Choose something you like. Give it a moment.
  • Create: Make it your own; add pictures, words & voice.
  • Relate: Connect to people, words, and actions in everyday life.
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Play Moments at a Time

Choose something you care about and learn its language.

  • Spark the adventure…
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Create Your Own Content

Picture it. Put it into words. Say it out loud.

  • Get your ideas into play!
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Relate It to Real Life

Team up to expand learning, expand earning.

  • Activate the ideas that matter most.
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What is it?

  • A multi-faceted goal organizer.
  • An idea connector.
  • Communication for the next dimension.
  • Team support for self-care.

Who is it for?

  • students & dreamers
  • artists & poets
  • writers & publishers
  • mentors & coaches

How does it work?

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A fun way to focus on yourself… and increase creative power!

Create a Team

Support personal goals with a team vision.

  • Choose a Name

    take a creative identity

  • Add Your People

    combine creative talent

  • Get Competitive

    challenge yourself and others

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Challenge Yourself and Others

It's everyday language play… that just might change your life.